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Belles Lake Observatory

“ob·serv·a·to·ry” –a room or building housing an astronomical telescope or other scientific equipment for the study of natural phenomena, positioned to give an extensive view. Although this is a very basic description of what an observatory is, it gives the idea. BUT get ready to open your mind and your eyes for an experience you have only seen in movies and herd in story books. We have connections to a place, the wind, and the sun; sounds romantic, but what of romancing the stars and beyond to returning to saturn and its rings, the craters on the moon, the milky way galaxy, possibly a glimpse of a passing “shooting star”, but our personal favorite “the summer triangle” you may think just 3 points to a triangle but wait until you see…Come join us for an off earth experience and enjoy the happiness found in simple things…Bill Irwin will guide us through the Galaxy’s. 


Maggie Ranger & Bill Irwin

250  620  0596

5199 Belles Lake RD

Horsefly BC, V0L 1L0

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